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Samoan Culture

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Samoan Culture

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Summary to research paper on topic "Intercultural Studies on Samoa Culture" Basically, culture is “a set of norms, beliefs, principles and behaviour that gives the. Samoan faʼafāfine are male born people who can behave in extremely feminine way, embodying both female and male qualities.

Differently defined by scholars as a third gender, or a “liminal” or “marginal” gender, faʼafāfine define themselves as “a cultural identity”, which is conceivable only within the faʼa Samoa, i.e.

the Samoan culture and society. This research gave me the opportunity to not only study an element of Samoan culture and tradition, but to integrate with the people of Samoa; to listen to their stories, exist in. Free example research paper on Samoan culture is your best guideline on the topic. is professional writing service which is committed to write top-quality custom research papers, proposals, term papers, essays, thesis papers and dissertations.

Courses are offered at Foundation level, and as a major in the Bachelor, Post Graduate Diploma, and Master of Samoan Studies. Knowledge of Samoan language and customs helps us live and prosper in Samoan society, as well as to preserve traditional knowledge within our living modern culture.

thank the people of Samoa, as their innovations of language and culture have been a source of inspiration for much more than this research paper. 1 This study refers only to the Independent nation of Samoa (formerly Western Samoa), and does not.

Research paper on samoan culture
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