Music therapy and autism research paper

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Why Do Kids with Autism Do That?

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Music and Autism Research

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The Silent Wave blogger looks at the positive aspects of autism and Aspergers.

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There is no cure. The causes are only partially understood. And treatments are limited to tackling symptoms, not the condition itself. One in 68 school-age kids in the U.S. have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a range of developmental conditions usually marked by social, behavioral and communication.

Brand new edition of Temple Grandin's "Unwrittern Rules of Social Relationships" now available! Music therapy is beneficial and therapeutic to those suffering from illness, brain injury and brain dysfunction.

Music Therapy and Autism: Research Overview

Music therapy is often used to help those suffering with the brain disorder, autism. Autism Repetitively stacking or lining up objects is associated with autism.

Specialty Psychiatry Symptoms Trouble with social interaction, impaired communication, restricted interests, repetitive behavior Usual onset By age two or three Duration Long-term Causes Genetic and environmental factors Diagnostic method Based on behavior and. As more quantitative research is conducted in the field of music therapy for children with autism, this therapy may soon be recognized as an established treatment rather than an emerging one.

The modern world has progressed towards interdisciplinarity in many realms of society, which can be directly applied to services such as music therapy.

Music therapy and autism research paper
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