Implications of collaborative consumption

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Sharing and caring: the implications of collaborative consumption

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Collaborative consumption has emerged as a major trend as the global economic recession and social concerns about consumption sustainability lead consumers and society as a whole to explore more efficient use of resources and products.

Collaborative Consumption: Strategic and Economic Implications of Product Sharing. Baojun Jiang. Ertz, Myriam and Durif, Fabien and Arcand, Manon, An Analysis of the Origins of Collaborative Consumption and Its Implications for Marketing (June 23, ).

Academy of. AN ANALYSIS OF THE ORIGINS OF COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR MARKETING Myriam Ertz, University of Quebec in Chicoutimi Collaborative Consumption, this study aims at: (1) examining CC from an aggregate marketing are the implications of CC?

Collaborative consumption also known as “Sharing economy” is disrupting long-held ideas about ownership, generating extra revenue streams for people while reducing demand for materials through lending, trading, renting, gifting, bartering, swapping and. Peer-to-Peer Product Sharing: Implications for Ownership, Usage and Social Welfare in the Sharing Economy Saif Benjaafar, traditional modes of consumption), and increased desire for community and altruism among the young and educated.

Collaborative consumption has the potential of increasing access while reducing investments in. As the phenomenon of collaborative consumption is of peculiar interest for consumer research, the nexus of both becomes highly relevant for marketers and research companies.

The knowledge gained from consumer behaviour studies is a crucial asset for any organization.

Sharing economy

According to Kotler et al.

Implications of collaborative consumption
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