Encyclopedia of case study research

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Encyclopedia Of Case Study Research

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Encyclopedia of Case Study Research

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The Encyclopedia of Case Study Research provides a compendium on the important methodological issues in conducting case study research and explores both the strengths and weaknesses of different paradigmatic approaches.

Encyclopedia Of Case Study Research

These two volumes focus on the distinctive characteristics of case study research and its place within and alongside. Focuses on the distinctive characteristics of case study research and its place within and alongside other research methodologies.

The term “case study” comes from the tradition of medical and psychological research, where it refers to a detailed analysis of an individual case that explicates the dynamics and pathology of a given disease; the method supposes that one can properly acquire knowledge of the phenomenon from intensive exploration of a single case.

"The first encyclopedia to focus solely on case study research, this two-volume set contains entries that cross disciplines and methodological traditions, from positivist to abrasiverock.comcturer: SAGE Publications, Inc.

present a case that is an amalgamation of details (quotes, observations, facts, references) and ignore characters, events, and elements that do not fit constructs under study.

For example, in case books, the case can be constructed to illustrate particular social science theories, models, or concepts.

Encyclopedia of case study research
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