Cloud research

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Cloud & Mobile Research Group

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Cloud research

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In adept, water availability is a cure for worry in the entire spotted. Our new Cloud & Mobile Research Group got officially launched!

This new research group consists of researchers and engineers of three former research groups at MSR Asia: The Wireless & Networking Research Group, the System Algorithms (SysAlgo) Research Group, and the Mobile and Sensing Systems (MASS) Research Group. Many universities, vendors, institutes and government organizations are investing in research around the topic of cloud computing: In Octoberthe Academic Cloud Computing Initiative (ACCI) was announced as a multi-university project designed to enhance students' technical knowledge to address the challenges of cloud computing.

Cloud computing for research. Let us help you determine how the cloud can enable, accelerate and expand your research computing capabilities.

The European Commission’s programme for Software, Services and Cloud gives companies and research institutions the freedom to innovate technically in cloud computing.

This is how European research and innovation initiatives bring continuous improvements and deliver services and solutions with increasing value for the digital single market. IDC Cloud Primary Research Surveying thousands of customers, developers & suppliers on a quarterly and annual basis IDC's cloud primary research provides customers with a complete understanding of their buyers and consumers of cloud products and services across the entire cloud ecosystem.

Research areas in cloud computing Cloud computing and related services are very frequently taken up for further research by scholars as well as academicians. As cloud services have a number of domains, deployment models and respective algorithmic approaches, there is a huge scope for research.

Cloud research
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