Brainwave entrainment

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What are Brainwaves?

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What is Brainwave Entrainment

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Brainwave entrainment

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Brain Wave Entrainment

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Brainwave entrainment is a method to stimulate the brain into entering a specific state by using a pulsing sound, light, or electromagnetic field. For example, a 10 Hz brainwave is associated with relaxtion, so a 10 Hz sound pattern would help reproduce the relaxed state in your brain.

What is Entrainment? Entrainment is a principle of physics.

Brainwave Entrainment - A new way for relaxation and healing

B rainwave Entrainment. Brainwave Entrainment is the process of synchronizing the brain to specific frequencies and patterns embedded in audio tracks.

These frequencies correlate to specific emotions, feelings, and even energy levels. Brain Wave Entrainment is any procedure that causes one's brainwave frequencies to synchronize with a periodic stimulus (sound, vibration or light) having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state (for example, to induce a trance, dreams, sleep or relaxation.).

What are Brainwaves?

Of the newer methods, brainwave entrainment is an easy, low-cost method to temporarily alter your brainwave state. If you are trying to solve a particular difficulty or fine-tune your brainwave function, state-of-the-art brain training methods like neurofeedback and pEMF deliver targeted, quick, and lasting results.

Brainwave entrainment
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