A research on spousal assault

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Spousal Assault Risk Assessment (SARA)

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Sexual abuse

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Spousal Abuse Research Paper Starter

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Some Questions Regarding Spousal Assault Risk Assessment

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This review offers a critical summary of 15 years of research and application of the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment guide (SARA).

Marital rape

Main areas of focus are how the scale was developed, strengths and limitations of individual items, and professional uses, including who it has been validated on and the reliability and predictive accuracy of the scale. Numbers, Facts and Trends Shaping Your World. About Follow.

My Account Log in View Account Log out. This article outlines some of these issues and offers some recommendations for future research and policy initiatives.

Six fundamental questions are posed: (a) What is risk? (b) How should risk assessments be conducted? Some Questions Regarding Spousal Assault Risk Assessment P.

Divorce Dictionary

Randall Kropp Violence Against Women. Vol 10, Issue 6, pp. A statute of limitations sets the period of time someone has to take some kind of legal action. Statutes of limitation, for example, set deadlines for suing.

Spousal Abuse Prepared by the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime Introduction Spousal abuse is a problem that is entrenched in many societies around the. In the wake of domestic violence arrest or even when you are charged with domestic violence, it is very important to consult a criminal defence lawyer right away.

Being charged with any kind of assault allegation can be very traumatizing for a person.

A research on spousal assault
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